• Roshan David

Life struggle of Sona Bai from Gaorala, Hingna.

This is Sona Bai. For most of her life she has struggled with discrimination, unable to find any work. Her peers marginalized her for her leucoderma, which many incorrectly think to be harmful and contagious.

10 years ago CRTDP (in partnership with Sida - Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete) provided her with one goat as part of the ‘Projekt Indien’ program, and in the same instance an opportunity.

Despite having no previous experience, she would go alone into the field every day to graze her animal. She soon learned how to rear goats, and her herd began to grow. She was then able to start benefiting from her hard work; setting up her own business, selling goats to other villagers and butchers.

Having high ambitions, Sona saw the opportunities start to open up to her. She went to her village central office (Grampanchayat) where she was granted a loan to buy more goats and expand her business. As the years passed her herd grew further, reaching a peak of 500 goats. Her hard work and success paid off. With the money she made she was able to build her own home, pay for her children’s education and their dowries and earn the respect of her community, of whom she provided an important service.

Now she keeps about 60 goats, more than enough for what she needs. But more than that, she has developed a deep sense of pride and achievement.

Picture of Sona Bai whose life drastically changed after the support of CRTDP.

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